Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Act 3 Discussion Thread for Inherit the Wind

We are going to have a silent discussion today.  Please follow directions.  For the first half of class, we will be discussing Act 3 in itself, then we will transfer to real world questions.
Focus the first part on the text only.  Respond to my question, then ask a question when you are done.  You must respond to one another and continue to ask questions as you move through.  I want analysis, depth of thought and constant reference to the text.  

Why did the jury find Cates guilty even after there was so much support for Drummond at the end of the trial?  Why did Cates "win"according to Drummond?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Learning...What do YOU know?

Please answer all of the following questions: (Make sure you proofread and use complete sentences)These should be elaborate thoughts, not one sentence repsonses!
1) After viewing Mr. Fisch's world-renown "Did you Know" powerpoint, what are some things that strike you about the facts presented?
How does this make you think about the world and your place in it? How could this impact you?
2) Also, what did Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" make you think about perseverance, hard work, potential, etc...? How can you apply what you saw from his adventures doing bike tricks, to your own life?
3) What is the value of learning? What is your role as a learner?

Summer Reading

Over the summer, you were asked to read at least two novels of your choice.

1) Briefly tell me what you read, including the titles and authors.
2) I want to know what you liked about the books, what you learned and, more importantly, what matters to you about the book's content? How does it resonate with you?
Please do not give me a summary; I care more about what you took away from the book.

*Make sure to adhere to proper conventions and proofread your response. If, for some reason, you did not read two novels, tell me about two novels you have read and answer the above.