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Dead Poets Society Response

Please read the following questions and write  each answer with depth and analysis.  I expect this to be thoughtful and I want you to use specifics from the movie to back up your ideas. Please be original and do not copy other people's responses  Make sure you adhere to proper fluency and conventions.
You must respond to at least one other person's questions.  This means you may have to log back in to do the response piece.

1.  What two "teachings" did Mr. Keating relay to the boys that spoke to you? (Be specific; try to use quotes from the movie if you can.)  How do these teachings apply today in society or to you personally?

2.  a.  What does it mean to you to make your life "extraordinary?" 
     Mr. Keating says, “We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman, "O me! O life!... of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless... of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?" Answer. That you are here - that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play *goes on* and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” 
     b.  What do you want your "verse to be"?  ( I know this is a difficult question, but this is very much open to interpretation.  what are you passionate about, what moves you, what do you live for?  Do you have a purpose?

3.  What one thematic ideal did you see emerge from this movie that was most powerful and how is that message conveyed in the film?  For example a thematic ideal would be: to find passion and you would discuss how Neil finds a passion in theater, aside from the pressure to adhere to his father's expectations.

4.  Please write 2 critical questions that this movie made you ponder.


  1. 1. Mr. Keating used a method where used playing soccer to focus the boys minds on remembering how to reenact the poetry. Another method he used in the movie was reading the poems out loud to help the boys over come the fear that the boys had from reading out loud in front of people.
    2. To make your own life extrodinary you have to be confident and be exciting and do what makes you as a person happy. The verse would be how poetry is just a way to get through life. My verse to be is bing happy and having an amazing life. The passions I have is just life it self.
    3. The most powerful thing I saw in this movie was when niel shot him self because he liked life the way it was but his father did not like what his son did so he made his sons deccision which killed niel in side so he commited suicide.
    Question 1. Why did Mr. Keating not think thst poetry was that important?
    Question 2. What was niels father so worried about and scared about when he did he play?

    1. 1. I think that Mr. Keating did think that poetry was important but he was just trying to teach it in a different way. The boys would not really express what they felt with the way that the book was teaching it. Mr. Keating found a way that helped the boys to write good poetry.
      2. I think Niel's father was so worried because he didn't want theater to distract Niel from being a doctor like he wanted.

  2. 1. There were several things Mr. Keating taught, like, "carpe diem". Carpe diem which translates to "seize the day", and Mr. Keating was implying that you should make the most of the day. This saying could be applied to everyday life and it could make a huge difference if taken seriously. Many people just sit around and do nothing when they could be doing so much more, and they could make the most of their day. Another thing Mr. Keating taught to the boys was when he told them to stand on the desk. Standing on the desk allows you to look at things in a different perspective. It helps you to understand things and lets you wonder. If it was your first time on an airplane, looking down from above gives you a different outlook on things, as well as connecting it to the saying "walk a mile in someone else's shoes."

    2.a. To make your life extraordinary, you have to face your fears. When the young man (I am currently spacing on his name), takes a chance and acts when his father says not to, he is facing his fears and stepping outside the box. Extraordinary means "very unusual or remarkable.'' So, to make your life extraordinary, you must take risks and do the things that scare you.

    b. "If you're going through hell, keep going." -Winston Churchill
    This quote would be my "verse", because, it's simply stating that life goes on. Like, there will be an end to this reign of terror and whatnot. Hell will end. People always over exaggerate and think that it's the end of the world if one thing isn't getting better right away. But, you should keep going.

    3. To find what you love, you must go outside your comfort zone. When Neil invites Todd to the Dead Poets Society, and Todd declines the offer, Neil pulls him out of his comfort zone and forces him to go. Therefore leading Todd to find what he loves and friends he loves as well.

    4. What lured the boys into recreating the Dead Poets Society?
    Why did Todd decline Neil's offer to join the Dead Poets Society?

  3. One of the teachings that Mr. Keating gave to the boys was how we need to look at things from a different perspective. He displayed this by allowing the boys to stand on his desk and observe the classroom. They got to see the perspectives of where they sit, where Mr. Keating teaches, and from the top of a desk looking down on the classroom. In todays society I think this teaching still applies. Being in highschool seeing judgemental people is a common thing. So many students see others from only the one perspective they have. They don’t take the time to get to know others who may be different than them. They judge them based on their looks or how they act but never have the chance to know their real personality. Another teaching that Mr. Keating gave was outside. This changed the learning environment for the boys. I think in todays society we spend so much time in one place and never get time to go other places to learn. In a way I think Mr. Keating gave the boys a small example of learning in a different environment. Being in this new environment was exciting and gave to boys a new want for learning.

    To make your life extraordinary is to make it your own and what you want it to be. Making your life extraordinary is fulfilling your dreams and hopes and finding a purpose in your life. Be who you want to be and not what others want you to be. Finding the reasons that you are here is making your life extraordinary. My verse would be to follow what God has planned for me to do. Treating others right is something that I am passionate about. Being judgmental is not making your life extraordinary. It does not help you or get you anywhere. I am moved when I see people helping others.

    To follow your heart was one thematic ideal that I saw throughout the movie. This ideal is portrayed when Neil decides to follow his heart and continue with theatre even after his father did not allow him to. This is something he knew he wanted to do and was passionate about. Although his father did not agree, Neil took his own path into what he knew that he wanted.

    Why do people only see from one side?
    How can other people influence our actions?

    1. People usually only like to look at things from one perspective because they are close minded to a new view. Generally, society acts this way because they do not have enough knowledge on the subject and instead make assumptions. This then leads to a world with many people feeling misunderstood and others unwilling to accept new ideas or norms. It also makes it difficult for many to bring a new idea to the table, simply because they fear the reaction and response from others.

  4. 1. One teaching Mr. Keating tries to teach the boys is to think freely and that you don't have to stay with the guidelines that society has created. An example of how he does this is when he tells the boys to rip out the intro to their poetry books because it tells them how to think. Second I think he really teaches the boys to do what they love. This is shown when Neil gets the part in the play even when his father does not want him to. Now days it seems like people are often encouraged to do what they want and to think freely. Yet there is still a lot of closed minded people who don't believe that, similar to Neil's father. So it is hard to tell whats normal thinking even today.

    2.a. In my opinion what it means to make my life extraordinary is simple. I feel that if you love what you do and are happy and content and you feel like you have accomplished what you set out to do then that is extraordinary. It really only depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to work at a fast food place and you love then it's extraordinary to you and it may not seem to be that way for others but that doesn't matter.
    b. I want my verse to be something great, and I'm sure we all do but a lot of us don't really even have a plan of how to get there. I'm included in that as well. The important thing is finding something that you really like doing and sticking with it until you make something great out of it. And as I said before that definition of great changes with every person you ask.

    3. I think a thematic ideal of the movie is not to be confined by what others say and think. These boys were doing things they knew they were not supposed to be doing. Even though they weren't hurting anyone or really gaining anything they still thought out side of the box and created something of their own.

    4. Questions:
    a. Can not getting what we want cause us to make irrational decisions before we can think them over?
    b. We are free thinkers often looked at as threats?

    1. Response to question B.
      I also think that free thinkers are looked at as a threat. In the business world people that think outside the box and publicize their ideas are looked at as trouble makers and to watch out for them. Like in the movie "Zero Dark Thirty" the analyst works hard to find Osama Bin Laden and proposes that the terrorist's may have changed how they live and be undercover. The others cannot even try to understand her because she has an idea that isn't bases on information already known. Throughout the movie she becomes well known and gets what she wants because the others are scared of loosing their job if they don't. Like this I think many free thinkers are looked at as a threat instead of an innovator.


  5. 1. One of the most important things that Mr. Keating taught was the idea that you should stand up for what you believe in. This was not only portrayed through Mr. Keating in the movie, but also through the students. Especially at the end of the movie when the students were standing up on the desk, it showed that the boys applied the idea to their own life. Standing up for what you believe in can apply to many things in life whether it is something big like world problems or just having different opinions than your parents. Another important idea that Mr. Keating portrayed in the movie was that it is ok to bend the rules. Multiple times throughout the movie Mr. Keating taught things very different than any of the other teachers at the school. Doing things differently is important because it gives you another point of view, and exposes you to more things.

    2. a. I think that Mr. Keating thought that it was important to teach the boys to make their life extraordinary because inside this small little private school all of the boys are being shaped into very similar men. Although many may seem to want to fit into the crowd, it is important to make your life your own and be different from everyone else. Being extraordinary means going above and beyond to be the person you want to be, and not care what else everyone thinks.

    b. I think that my ‘verse’ would have to be live life simply. Especially nowadays with school, sports and a social life, many teenagers lose what is really important to you in the long run. In a year it isn’t going to matter what your wore to school that day or the bad grade you got on a paper. What you are really going to look back on is all of the fun times you had. People get too caught up in the daily rush of life and over stress themselves out on things that won’t matter in a later in life. It is important to take time to relax and spend time with the people that really matter to you. When you are laying on your deathbed it is important to not have regrets. Do what matters most to you, and what will help you in the long run.

    3. One of the most important ideas that I saw in this movie was to just simply be different. In such a tightly controlled school where all of the parents wanted their kids to be doctors or lawyers, there was a lack of passion. All of the boys were so similar and thats why I thought it was important that they formed the Dead Poet Society. The club gave all of the boys a chance to break out of their shell and see the world differently than how their parents wanted them to. It also gave the boys a sense of belonging and a place where they could fit in and be who they wanted to be. This thematic ideal showed up again and again in the movie and just showed that being different isn’t always the bad thing that it is portrayed to be. Its good to be unique.

    4. Why is being different often seen as a bad thing?

    How can one decision make a vast impact on your life?

    1. - Being different challenges some kind of "order" that people create, and when someone is different, he/she can be discriminated, because of people's incapacity of accepting new points of view.

  6. Reply to a question.
    How can other people influence our actions?

    I think that other people largely impact the actions we take for many reasons. For one the people we know and come in contact with are what defines us. Often times the way they treat us, good or bad, will effect who we are as a person. And who we are as a person effects the the actions we take. So they play a large role in our life.

  7. 1. Two teachings that Mr. Keating relayed to the boys were: to see the world differently. Not just see it and treat it the same way other people do just because the majority does it. He taught them to open more their eyes, for example, the way his classes were stimulating and dynamic brought to the boys a new perspective. Another teaching was about the “Carpe Diem”, the concept that we should live today, live the present and enjoy it. Sometimes we are so busy with what we call “life”, taking care of businesses, or studying, and we don’t realize while the life is passing right beside us.
    2. A. Make your life “extraordinary” is to make the most of it. Since you are here, and have the opportunities you have, just enjoy it, because it is short.
    b. My verse is to change people’s lives and learn as much as I can – traveling around the world. To bring them light and to receive light.

    3. A thematic ideal would be: to pursue what you want and love in life, and enjoy it as much as you can, even when people want you to give up.
    4. Is it possible to reach an “extraordinary” life?
    Does society’s norms prevent people from showing who they are?

    1. Is it possible to reach an "extraordinary" life?

      I think an "extraordinary" life is a life that you want to live. An "extraordinary" life can be different for everyone and I do think that it is possible to reach it. If you try your best and not let anyone try and hold you back, you can do anything. And if you don't make it, the journey was probably extraordinary itself.

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  9. 1. A teaching that Mr. Keating relayed on the boys that spoke to me was “Carpe Diem, Seize the day.” This spoke to me because to me, it meant that you're in charge of how your new day is going to go. It also means to take advantage of all the opportunities that will help you and to take hold of how life is going to be. This applies to society today because people are always worrying about what is to come but in reality, all they need to care about the most is the present and how to live their lives. It’s scary when you realize this but life can be over any time and it sounds dumb to live your life worrying about the unimportant things all of the time. Some people, like me sometimes, talk and argue about things that aren't worth it. Life is a gift and some people need to take advantage of that, before its over. Neil, in some sort of way did “seize the day” because he went for his dream of acting because he wants to take charge of how he will live but in the end, he really didn't seize the day because instead of telling his dad how he felt, he to the easy way out.
    Another teaching that spoke to me was when Mr.Keating said “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” This to me means exactly what it says. This spoke to me because it me realize that words and ideas can change the world and it affects how we live our lives today. Ideals and words made the technology we have now like phones, computers and so much more. Making a blog that shows how you really feel can change the world also. Just the simplest things or ideas can change the whole world. I use to ,and sometimes do now, feel like I can’t do anything to change the world because I am too young. The thing is, is that no one is “too” anything. The ideas of the boys in the movie were really brought out with Mr. Keating. He showed them that it was okay to come up with ideas and they joined up for the “Dead Poet Society” to share their ideas that the poems they wrote or wanted to share.

    2a. What Mr.Keating means about making your life “extraordinary” is, like the quotes up there, to make your life something special, and to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like them. Extraordinary means very unusual or remarkable, or uncommon. To make your life extraordinary is to life a life that no one has lived before or a life that everyone else isn’t living. Neil's dad is “everyone else.” Even though he didn’t mean for Neil to take his life, he was the one who created those thoughts in his head to make him lose his “extraordinary” life. All in all, the point was to make his students face their fears and live the life that they want to live.
    b. I want my verse to be something that is Inspiring. Like Mr. Keatings, I want my verse to help myself and others live life without any worries about the little things. I want my verse to be about freedom. There is “no freedom till we’re equal,” having freedom is having the right to marry someone you love or to go live in a world where you aren’t judged all of the time. I live to be free, I live to have fun and enjoy life the way I want to. I am passionate about the world and what we have overcome and what we still need to overcome. My verse would be to live how we want to live.

    3. A thematic ideal from the movie was to “Seize the day.” It was to live your life in the present because you never know when it will be taken away from you. Mr. Keating kept telling them to “Seize the day” and when Neil went to him for advice about his father, he told him to do what he wants and to show his dad that he is very passionate about it.

    How can society affect the way we live our lives every single day?
    Why do some people let others guide their path of life?

    1. Do we let other guide our path? Or do we not realize because they have been doing it since we were young?

  10. 1. One thing that Mr.Keating says is "Carpe Diem" which means seize the day. the boys are so structured and go through everyday realizing they only have to be there because their parents are making them. Keating wants the boys to see that there can be a time to be serious and a time to have fun. In his class he wants the boys to not only learn but to learn while having fun. Another thing that Mr. Keating says is you need to constantly look at things in another way. If you are always in line and have so much structure you honestly only see one way of things. Mr. K is trying to get the point across that there are different perspectives of all different things.
    2a. To make your life extraordinary is to do things to the fullest. You can either be that person that sits back and watches, or be the one that is active and having a good time. Taking risks is a hard thing to do but if you are able to have strong self confidence and stand up for what you believe, and put your self out there it really cant be that bad. Doing something that scares you and might go against your comfort zone. You might be that person one day that looks back and wishes you did more, that wishes you just didnt stand back and watch it all happen.
    b. I want my verse to be "Do things that scare you." Ive always been that shy person that sits back and watches, the one who never gets involved or anything. But my biggest goal is to do something big that goes out of my comfort zone. To be able to prove people wrong and step up to the plate. Im tired of not being noticed, so its time to do something.
    3. To not be scared; "Carpe Diem." The boys doing something risky. By sneaking out multiple times to live on the Dead Poets Society. Not listening to parents and doing something for themselves. Finding what they love to do, what they are good at and getting active in those things, that they found to love. Neil goes out and does something that is so against what his dad wants him to do. Neil just wants to act and he doesnt want anyone to get in his way, but his dad wants him to be a serious doctor.
    4. Why do some let others control what they end up doing?
    Why do we seem to stand back, and not stand up and say something?

    1. In response to your question, I think that the reason why we stand back is because we are afraid of what others could think of us. We don't speak up because being individual is sometimes rocky, I think we think speaking out can either make us seem more impressive or make us look cowardly.

    2. I believe that some allow others to control what they end up doing because they are scared in thinking for themselves. We allow others to create futures for us because we aren't strong enough to tell them how we really feel and what we want to do in our lives. We are afraid to step outside of the box and tell people what we are truly feeling. This happens a lot with our parents because we are taught that our parents know what is best for us and we trust in there guidance but we are the only ones who truly know what we want.

  11. 1. Two of the several teachings that Mr. Keating enlightened his students with are the following: to seize the day and to suck the marrow out of life. By this he means to take all you can out of every day. To 'suck' the good of life and enjoy it. These two teachings struck me because of what they stand for. The extent that the teachings can take someone. These teachings can apply to my society in the way that could inspire people to go and accomplish something, or do something they have always wanted to but didn't have that extra push. I think if people kept these teachings in the back of their mind, they would have a whole different view of life.

    2a. I think what Mr. Keating means by make your life extraordinary is to make your life something that when you look back, you'll be pleased with how you lived. Make all the good come out of life and live in the present.

    2b. My verse would be to make others feel good about themselves and to go out and do as much as I can and make fun times. I want to experience so much and have no regrets.

    3. A thematic ideal would be, to go out and find what you love and not care what other people think of your choices. An example of this would be when Neil goes for the play and doesn't mind what his father thinks of him. Just enjoys the experience in the moment.

    4. -If there were more people like Mr. Keating in the world, would society become different? Or would be people become more cautious of their actions?
    -Why do we let our doubts get in the way? Does it really take someone else to come and convince us to go after what we want?

  12. 1. Mr. Keating taught the kids about living life through poetry. One very important lesson he taught was to “seize the day.” This inspired the boys to do what scared them the most. Charlie was Newanda for awhile, and the boys created the Dead Poet Society to express how they feel through poetry. Another lesson Keating taught was that you simply cannot learn by reading, but by living. In the beginning of his teachings he told the boys to rip out the pages of the book. After that most of the work was hands on. The whole class went outside a lot and learned without really knowing it. Keating taught by doing active things instead of book work. He said “When you read, don’t just consider what the author thinks, consider what you think.” Keating’s teaching strategy is similar to woods and metal classes, by the objective of learning by doing. In other classes we watch videos to see how the people felt in whatever we were learning, just like how Keating taught his students. One cannot know exactly what happened by reading, you have to get the full experience by doing or watching. Also, I feel today teachers do not just want to teach you the bare minimum, but they want you to think outside the box.

    2. a. This question goes back to the beginning of what I was saying before about sizing the day.
    If you live life everyday like it was your last then you will have an extraordinary life. I believe that Keating also said something like that. In the quote he quotes Whitman saying “That you are here - that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play *goes on* and you may contribute a verse.” By “the powerful play” I think that is life and that we need to live life and make a good life. To live we should contribute something beautiful that we are proud of. I remember Keating was inspiring the boys to live life through poetry. He inspired Niell to become an actor and do what he loves.
    2. b. I guess if I had to choose my verse would be to help animals. Lately I have seen animal abusement in Lord of the Flies and on commercials. This makes me sad to know that animals are being bullied. Animals have feelings just like you and I, yet they cannot tell you what is going on. My verse could help animals be safe or be reasonably slaughtered. I could be Dr. Doolittle and talk to animals and help them. I would hopefully save many lives.

    3. A thematic ideal I saw was courage. Keating taught them very important life lessons, and after a while they had more courage. Neill had courage to still do the theater, even after he found out his father didn't appreciate it. Todd was not as shy towards the end of the movie. Mr. Anderson stood up to the sub to save Mr. Keating. Mr. Keating gave the boys power to stand up for what the wanted. The boys before were just puppets following their principles choices and now they make their own choices. They may not have the best decisions, but at least they are thinking on their own.

    4. How does being forced to do something change your views on life, if at all?
    If people do not show you the way will you find it on your own? Is courage something everyone has or does it have to be given?

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    1. ~I don't think anyone knows how it feels to 'be truly free.' There are rules that come along with every freedom and even though you may have many individual freedoms I don't believe one can be 'truly free' in this world, I mean, unless you're dead maybe.
      ~I think it's so difficult for people to put their thoughts into action because, most thoughts are so intricate and complex that it's almost impossible to put into actions. I also believe that many thoughts aren't carried out into actions because of the fear of being judged or denied in this harsh society where no action seems to be the 'right thing' to do anymore.

  14. 1) As Mr. Keating taught his class, two of his teachings really stood out to me. One being about becoming your own individual and the other being about standing up for what you believe in and being confident with who you are and what you’re saying.
    The first teaching truly connects with society because, it seems as though in this age everyone is beginning to be the same. There really isn’t much diversity between personalities or styles. Stereotypes are beginning to actually define groups of people. It’s getting easier and easier to just go along with a stereotype or just go with the flow of things and I think that people don’t even think it’s accepted anymore to be who they truly are. Mr. Keating teaches these boys how to be their own person by bringing his class outside and simply telling them to walk. He tells them to walk in any way they want in any direction. It could be circles, a triangle, a straight line, curvy lines, etc. These boys come from families where you’re obligated to carry on the tradition so nothing changes, each boy’s life is pretty much already planned out for them by their family. They take on the same job their father has, maybe it’s a family business, and it goes on like that. Throughout the movie, Neil is the one who seems to truly take this teaching to heart. He goes on to act instead of what his father wants him to do. Neil attempts to pursue his dream and even though he had a really tough time doing that, he finally got to perform in a play and that’s when he was happiest.
    The second teaching connects with society because once someone has enough courage to stand out and be their own person then they need to be confident about themselves. This teaching connects with every aspect of life. To be confident and stand up for what you believe in you’re set. Confidence can take you so far in life and it’s a very attractive quality. When someone is confident everything they say and do just seems to be the right thing to do. Confidence is one of the key aspects of becoming a leader of which this world has far less of than followers. This teaching really ties into the one Mr. Keating taught about becoming your own individual because again, the boys in the movie are coming from families where they don’t make their own decisions and everything’s done for them. All they have to do is carry them out. Mr. Keating teaches this lesson by making the boys stand up and read poems that they were assigned to write. He makes them read each poem with the emotion they wrote it with and what they found was that there could be more emotion in their poem then they could’ve possibly imagined. This teaching was by far the most important because once confidence is mastered then you truly can do almost anything.

    2) In order to make your life extraordinary, I think you need to do what your heart desires and follow your dreams; even if they seem as though they’re impossible to reach. To me, by ‘verse’ I think Mr. Keating means your purpose in life. You see, we’re all in this “big poem” if you will. We all have our own line that we’re able to write and make it the best we possibly can. I think my ‘verse’ in life is “Fall down seven times, stand up eight” because that truly is my life motto. I live by those words and that’s what I think my ‘verse’ is.

    3) The most powerful thematic ideal I saw in this movie was, individuality. Throughout the entire movie Neil tried so hard to be himself and follow his dreams, but his father would antagonize that. To me, Mr. Keating’s teachings were based off of individuality and being your own person; not what other want you to be.
    4) Do you think Neil’s father was afraid of change?
    How would’ve Neil’s life been different if Mr. Keating hadn’t been in it?

    1. I do think Neil's father was afraid of change because all he wanted for Neil was to make something of himself. Like be a doctor or a lawyer, but when he heard of Neil wanting to possibly become an actor, he hated the idea. Maybe it could of been because he would never think that Neil could get a real job being an actor and supporting himself and others. He's scared of change because he wants to son to become a perfect husband or man, and he probably doesn't consider an actor being that.

  15. 1. Throughout the film Mr. Keating taught the boys many life lessons of which resonated feelings of empowerment and left influential imprints on the boys. Although Mr. Keating relayed many “teachings” to the boys, and revealing only a few does not do the movie justice, a couple of very powerful “teachings” reverberated on myself.
    Of the main life lessons that Mr. Keating educated the boys on was the power of oneself and their true potential. Mr. Keating truly unveiled to his students the capability that they as individuals have and the powerful results that can come with that. He tells his students that humans have great abilities, but it is also up to them to take advantage of it. Keating reveals this when he states “carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary”. He is essentially stating that we as humans need to take our aspirations and put it into action. He in a sense is motivating his students to pursue their passions, and to never give up, because their life is in their own hands and there are only so many days which they will live in.

    Another “teaching” that Mr. Keating gives his students is not only the importance of seizing opportunities and to be extraordinary, but also to be responsible with it. Keating on a greater view is saying that with passion also comes moderation and that we should not be reckless and disarrayed, but we must maintain structure and play our roles. Keating unveils this message through the quote "Sucking all the marrow out of life doesn't mean choking on the bone." This statement encourages one of the main thematic ideals of pursuing to stay alive, but also to not become irresponsible in thought and action.

    2. To make ones life extraordinary is a very difficult question, however can be perceived differently from one person to another. In my view to make life “extraordinary” it means to stand out and do something that others haven’t done and won’t do. It means to have the inner strength to step out of what is ordinary. This does not only apply to thought, but more importantly to action. It is easy to make the judgement that something is wrong, but to actually defy norms and make change to fight for what you believe in, that is extraordinary.
    b. My primary aspiration is to create a verse that I would have a legacy for. I want my verse to be known for it’s nobel character, one who has strong morals and values. I want my verse to represent the might and power of a strong spiritual foundation and way of life. I want to create a verse that pushes oneself forgive, aid others and have a heart that burns with loving kindness. This is the verse that I want to create, and the imprint I would like to leave the reader with.

    3. One of the primary thematic ideals in “Dead Poets Society” was the importance of standing up for what you believe in and not being afraid to do so. The movie encouraged oneself to have the force to decide for themselves and not let others to. This was literally shown through the movie when towards the end Todd stood up on the desk to stand up for Mr. Keating. Despite the fact that it took a very powerful force from within to put his thoughts into action, he knew that it was the right thing to do.
    4. a.What does it feel like to be truly free?
    b. Why is it so difficult for many to put their thoughts into action? How does society play into this role?

  16. 1. I think that Mr. Keating really wanted the boys to expand their thinking and he wanted to allow the boys to have free thoughts and expand on something that may seem simple at first glance. He wanted to teach them that there is more meaning of something than what is exactly placed in front of you. He wanted the boys to go more in depth and to really question the poems. He wanted them to be able to have their own opinions and viewpoints of the same concept. He really wanted to teach the boys that there is more meaning to everything if you really put some thought into it. Mr. Keating had the boys stand on their desks showing them that there are many interpretations of the same thing. Something will look different if you were sitting in a desk as opposed to standing on top of a desk. He taught the boys that there is more than one correct answer or thought. Everyday we as people see the same things around us, but we can interpret them differently. We may see something right in front of us and believe it has one meaning but if we look beyond we find it means something different. Mr. Keating also told the boys to “seize the day”. This challenged the boys to reach for their goals and to not be afraid or scared. Mr. Keating wanted the boys to face their fears and to do what made them scared. He taught them to speak up and say what was on their mind. Mr. Keating’s teachings apply to our society in many ways. We can always discover that something has a more in depth meaning each in everyday in our society. We also should take risks and do what makes us scared because that is how people get things accomplished.

    2. To make your life extraordinary you have to live for yourself and make yourself happy. You have to take challenges and try new things. We have to take risks in order to make our lives fascinating. We have to be able to look back and not have any regrets or things that we wish we could have accomplished. We have to do what makes us happy. We need to make anything that we want a possibility and we cannot sit around waiting for it to happen; we have to go do it. We have to fight for what we believe in and do what makes us feel good, no matter who or what is holding us back. Living your life to be extraordinary is to be a go-getter and to make yourself feel accomplished.

    2B. My verse would always be remembered and would leave people with something to remember and to really think in depth about. I would want it to be remembered for having good values and ethics. My verse would make everyone feel equal and that they have importance. I would want my verse to inspire people to be themselves and feel like they have a place in the world and that they belong to something. I believe that people are a part of life and that they will always be accepted in God’s eyes.

    3. I think that one very important thematic idea would be to live your life with no regrets and to have no fears. Mr. Keating teaches the boys that you should do what you want and should feel free. He shows them that you should live your life the way you want to, and should have no fear in reaching your goals. You shouldn’t allow people to hold you back from truly doing what you want with your life. You need to live for what you want. You need to take the chance and chase your life’s dreams.

    1. Why do we allow others to hold us back from what we want?
    2. How does society shape us as individuals?

  17. 1. Mr. Keating taught the kids to be open and social, to not hide behind your fears. By him doing that, he would make them stand on desks in front of the class and look upon themselves as great individuals. Another thing he taught the kids was if you were scared of public speaking, he would make one of them just think about anything, and have them close their eyes and add detail to what they are thinking. He would make them create a passionate story. What these teachings taught me was to look at myself as something who could make change if I tried, to create something with just a simple sight or smell and share it to show meaning.
    2. a. What is means to make my life extraordinary is to live life to the fullest. To not be afraid of change and be ready for it to come. I need to grow up with a great future and never regret my mistakes, but learn from them in order to have an extraordinary life.
    2. b. I am passionate about life in general. I don't want to be afraid to live life and I don't want to be scared to be myself. I'm passionate about love. If we didn't have it, where would we be now? It changes us in good ways, but also in bad ways because it is the closest thing we have to magic.
    3. A thematic ideal the came from this movie was when Neil had killed himself, because it just shows how you can look really happy on the inside but somethings their are little things that can break you on the inside. A message from this is that even when you can escape from the pain, sometimes you just have to confront it, but even that sometimes doesn't work. It shows that nobody is perfect and there are sometimes where we just break.
    4. How can you break even when everything is going great?
    Why do people put other people down?

    1. I think people put others down because it makes them feel better about their own flaws. People need to like themselves before others can, because they will not except it from others. I also see that many do it to show power over one another. To establish a hiring ruling over their peers. I think that this happens because humans are animals when it comes to gaining power and they honestly follow Darwin's Theory.

  18. 1. Mr. Keating taught the kids to be open to any social situations, you should not hide behind your fears. He made that possible by letting others have a different point of view on life and to see the world from a higher perspective. It helped improve the strengths of the kids individual and taught them to always have a different look on life. Mr. Keating also taught the boys to have a free mind and always be open to new oprtunity.
    2a. Sizing the day. If you live life everyday like it was your last then you will have an extraordinary life. I think that life and that we need to live life and make a good life. I remember Keating was inspiring the boys to live life through poetry. He inspired Niell to become an actor and do what he loves.
    2b. My verse would be to make people feel good about themselves and to go out and do as much as possible to make fun times. I want to experience as much as I can and have no regrets.
    3. The most powerful thematic ideal I saw in this movie was, individuality. Throughout the entire movie Neil tried as hard as he could to be himself and follow his dreams of being and actor. But his father would antagonize that. To me, Mr. Keating’s teachings were based off of individuality and being your own person,not what other want you to be.
    4. What is it like to be individual?
    Why is Neil's father scared of him becoming individual.

  19. 1) The first thing that really struck me that Mr. Keating taught the students to look at things in a different perspective. The part of the movement that stuck out to me was when he made these upper class boys tear out the pages in their books’ about poetry. The second thing that struck me was to not follow others and make something for your own name. This was shown when he took the boys to the courtyard and made them move to their own beat. These teachings connected to my own life because they have a lot to do with sports. As an athlete you have to make yourself different from your competition to make it farther then them. Also, Mr. Keating’s teaching of looking at things in different perspective reminds me of when I haven’t made a team, and it has shown me that I have to fall down to make it farther in my career.
    2) I know a verse would be great with glamour, money, and power. Though this would be great this isn’t what I see in my verse. Hopefully, my verse will be able to inspire at least one human being. I hope that they will cherish everything they are given today, and not to look to the future or past for answers. That they learn from my verse to cherish life and love himself or herself as a person. Too not aspire to be anyone except who they truly are. My purpose is to bring honor to my name, and try to aspire my teammates to help create the best people and to help create a bold/unique next generation.
    3) An ideal thematic that emerged was how upset the boys were when Mr. Keating was fired. As seen Todd screamed, “O’ Captain, My Captain” showing that all of his teaching would not leave them even though he was leaving. This shows a lot because Todd is a very calm and quiet character that doesn’t show too much rebellion through out the movie unlike some of his peers. Todd helps ignite the fire and before soon most the boys are standing on the captain repeating the phrase “O’ Captain, My Captain”.
    4) Does a rebellion start in the heart or in the mind?
    Does normal teaching change the student, or does the student change normal teaching?

  20. 1. One of the first things that Mr. Keating says to his student sets the tone for his leadership style for the rest of the movie. He says to them “Carpe Diem, Seize the Day”. From the beginning he is challenging the students to live life, not to just automatically go along with what they are told. He tried to get them to think for themselves and challenge the status quo. He got the students to follow him by not only challenging them, but also by engaging them, keeping them interested, and treating them in a much different manner than they were used to be treated by the other faculty at the school. This related to me by thinking about what life could be like if I did not accept the social norms. Thinking outside the box is a great way to incorporate this into your life.

    2. Throughout the movie Mr. Keating always had a smile on his face. That was because he lived his own life. Living your own life can mean not letting others tell you what to do. Another way is to think about smiling and laughing. Mr. Keating throughout the movie is smiling or making jokes. This is how he lives his own life. Find your own way that makes you, you. I want my verse to be that I can play basketball and stay a good kid. Athletes get associated with being a bad kid.

    3.I felt that the most powerful idea was the relationship between the father and then son. The father holds him back so far and I can see that in the educational system as well. I see how I can open my eyes to education and live my own life.

    4. What is the purpose of education?
    How can we change the way we look at ourselves?

  21. The boys were tolled of the freedom of each person to do what they wanted and how each person would fallow a different path.
    What would make my life interesting is not extraordinary or exhilarating but calming and peace of mind. I would not like to ski or snowboard but have a simplistic life to live for.
    I believe that to be known is a perspective whether I wish to be know or what I wish to be known for are vary different things. I know what I want to do but it is not something people always look at in the world and some times that can be a good thing.
    The most powerful message conveyed in the film was uniqueness in every student and adult. That if you were going to succeed in life it would not be through following the crowed but to stand out or to go beyond somebody els.
    If these boys were given freedom would they have been as moved by Mr. Keatings or would they have discarded him?
    If any of the boys disagreed with Mr. Keating in the beginning and told on him would Neal still be alive or would his dad drove him that way eventually.

  22. 1: Mr. Keating taught the boys to think for yourself and look at things differently. These teaching apply today in our culture because people are not being taught how to think for themselves and are not being successful because of this. In today's economy businesses are looking for innovative people that can solve problems on their own. But the schools are teaching students by telling them what to do and not having the student create the solution. Mr. Keating also told the boys to look at things differently. The ability to look at situations and understand what is really going on and being able to act on it is also becoming more and more scarce. Being able to look at things differently allows someone to prevent arguments and build better relationships. As a result the person who has this skill can become a great leader and be very successful. In today's society good leadership is very scarce. Students are driven by peer pressure and will not be able to know when something has gone too far and stop it. This also ties in to being able to think for yourself not to think like a group. If you are able to think for yourself and look at things from a different perspective you have the foundation to become a leader.
    2a: To make your life extraordinary means to take advantage of all opportunities that come your way, and in some cases it means to go out of your way to take advantage of those opportunities. Just like Neil, who signed up to act in the play went out of his way and against his father to take advantage of an opportunity that may only present itself once in a life time. It is human nature to do everything we can in our life time. Ask yourself if you won an all expense paid vacation to anywhere in the world would you say "Well... I'd rather not?" Why would we even bother to play a sport if we didn't have some thing telling us to push ourselves to see what we can achieve?
    2b: My verse would be "Life do with it what you want but life is short use it wisely." This means that you were put here for a purpose so don't waste your life and find out why you are here.
    3: One thematic ideal that stood out to me was to do what you want not what others want you to do. This was portrayed throughout the movie by Neil acting even when his father didn't want him to, and Mr. Keating teaching differently than all the other teachers. when Neil decided he was going to act instead of listening to his father, Neil showed that he was going to do what he thought was best for him instead of what his father thought was best for him. Mr. Keating, even when the other teachers physically told him that they didn't approve of his teaching style, Keating continued to do what he thought was best.
    4: Is thinking for yourself scene as being aggressive and a trouble maker?
    Why do some students not like teachers who have a different teaching styles?

  23. 1. Two of Mr. Keatings teachings that really spoke to me were to do what you love and think in different ways. In our society, there are many people who are being forced away from a career or a hobbie that they love by someone with higher authority than them. For example, my mother wanted to go to Michigan State University and become a writter. Instead of doing what she wanted, she was talked into going to medical school and becoming a nurse. To this day she still wishes to have become a writter even though she has good success at being a nurse. nurse. 2. To make your life extrordinary means to live your life to the fullest and live without any regrets. This can be by doing what you love and enjoying every second of life. 2b. My verse is to live your life without any regrets and to do what you love. For me playing college baseball would be one of the gratest achievments of my life. 3. One thematic ideal was to find enjoyment in learning. The boys express this by sneaking out at night and going to the cave so they can share poetry with eachother. 4.What would society be like if it wasnt for poetry? How big of an impact do teachers have on our lives?